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Parents are to bring the child's lunch and water bottle each day. 

A snack will be served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. We will serve fruit, vegetables, whole grains, cheese, various proteins, and water. Water will be encouraged, and refills are provided throughout the day. The morning snack is light, and the afternoon snack is heartier to help keep them going until dinner. Please advise us if the occasional popsicle on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day is a problem:)



9:30 am snack

11:30 am lunch from home

2:30 pm snack



10:00 am snack

12:00 pm lunch from home

2:45 pm snack


Snacks include a serving of 2 of more of the 4 major food groups protein, grain, fruit, or veggie. If your child is a snacker you are more than welcome to bring an additional snack or something to share. Please provide your child with a daily water bottle to be sent home each day. Here is an example of a weekly snack menu that we will be posted on our info board.

Screenshot_20220509-204411_Genius Scan (2).jpg

In 2022 Grow with Me ECE took home a GOLD in nutrition and the GOLD in physical activity. The Healthy Apple Program is designed to improve the nutrition, physical activity practices, and environment of childcare facilities through:


  • Self-assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Trainings

  • Resources

  • Targeted technical support from Healthy Apple coaches


The goal of the initiative is to empower and assist childcare providers in promoting and establishing lifelong healthy behaviors among young children and their families. 


This is an example of a month of curriculum geared for children under 5. Each month we will include activities that support social-emotional development and growth, language, challenges our minds, and use our bodies regardless of age. 
Preschool curriculum will include a letter of the week and take our curriculum to a deeper level. See handbook for more details. 

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