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What to turn
in/What to print and keep

 Add your student's info to brightwheel
Turn In:
Identification & Emergency LIC 700
Pre-Admission Health History LIC 702

Physicians Report LIC 701

Parent Consent Meds/Sunscreen/Diaper Cream LIC 9221
Consent for Medical Treatment LIC 627
Notification of Parents Rights LIC 995
Signed Financial Contract

Immunization Records PM 286 BLUE PAPER

Photo Release

Infants Only LIC 9227
*Print and Keep:*
Top portion of LIC 995
Parent Handbook

Infant Policies
Needs List/Reminders for your first day!

 * Pack and label your child's lunch everyday

  • Weather appropriate clothes, back up clothes

  • Sunscreen before school

  • Get dropped off with a full belly, if running late can bring your child’s breakfast if need be

  • Note snack times

  • Bring a water bottle and lunch with cold pack if needed

  • Label belongings

  • Each week you will need to bring your child’s nap blanket, we provide the sheet, at the end of the week we will send the blanket home to be washed, please return the following school day!

  • We do not clean poop, if soil clothes, we will toss, or bag up for home, health department does not allow us to handle feces in this manner.

  • Diapers, pull ups, wipes if pertains 

  • Infants will need formula, breast milk, pacifier, and sleep sack if needed

  • All forms filled out and signed into brightwheel

  • Please update any changes of contact information and if your child has a well visit or new vaccination, please bring for our records (we may need to add to state for compliance)

  • Family photo


Checklist for emergency preparedness:

The following checklist of items will be the responsibility of each parent to provide for their child enrolled in our program: 

  • 3-day supply of nonperishable food (including canned food items with tab openings, snacks, and infant formula)

  • 3-day supply of water

  • 3-day supply of diapers, wipes, diaper cream

  • Small blanket and comforting toy

Please place items in large ziploc storage bags with your child's name clearly labeled.

Water should also be labled but does not need to be in ziploc.  Use as many large ziploc as necessary. 

We will separate into storage bins and store at our facility.  We will return unused items when your child graduates.

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