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         Eighteen years ago, I started as a part time teacher’s assistant at Children’s Corner in Petaluma. I left that job for a full-time position at You and Me Children’s center as the lead teacher in the twos room, after, I wanted to diverse my experience in an early head start children’s center in Sausalito. When the program shut due to budget cuts, I dipped my toes into the Montessori setting and then found my home base of 9 years at Novato Youth Center: as head teacher of the infant and toddler programs, site supervisor, and interim director. During this time, I received my AA in Social and Behavioral Science and my BA degree in Human Development with a focus of Early Childhood Education. I currently hold a director's teaching permit with the State of California and have three sweet children of my own. During the pandemic I was laid off and families were left without care. I hired my co teacher and opened my own thriving large family childcare where we welcome these families in need of care.


           I decided to take what I love about a center-based program and warm it with a family feel, more about the child and less about the business side of things. After 2 years running a large family childcare, I had an opportunity to expand! With a extensive waitlist I decide to open a preschool and childcare center so I can help grow more minds with quality care. My staff and I are always attending webinars and local training's to further our knowledge and expertise in the field we love. Here, we model behavior we want to see in children as well as language. We are flexible pending the group of children we have using creative curriculum with an emphasize in play in a healthy and safe way! Staff is experienced and educated with hundreds of child development units and professional growth hours. My assistant and I will always have current CPR/First Aid and be California Food Safe certified. 


          Your child is our utmost priority, and this is our passion. I look forward to growing with your family as we partner to better your child’s future now.  I am very big on open and honest communication. Honesty and partnership is essential for your child's succuss in school years to come. With that being said, I am trained in various assessment tools and have resources as concerns or questions arise. Please come to me, text me, call me, ask questions, and we can brainstorm together. We are real in our communications, expectations, and always have your child's best interest at heart. 


Leanne Nelmes

Owner and Operator

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