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Grow With Me ECE originated in 2020 as a large family childcare in Petaluma. After two years of successful and highly sought-after quality care, I bought a property in Cotati and opened Grow with Me ECE Preschool and Childcare Center. August 1st, 2022, our center adventure had begun, 45 Henry St. Cotati 94931. We have an infant room with a 1:4 ratio with 8 infants in the classroom, a toddler classroom with a 1: 6 ratio with a small class of 6, we take toddlers 18 months to 24 months of age. At 24 months, they move to our preschool program with a 1:12 teacher to child ratio. At our preschool and childcare center, we focus on the holistic development of children, with an approach to learning that emphasizes the importance of the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, particularly in early childhood.  The program intently develops a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs, as we build strong foundations for success in the school years to come.  We are an inclusive program and accept all faiths. We present an activity-oriented program which incorporates Jewish teachings and cultural traditions into its environment and fosters those values in children through play-based activities, art projects, stories and songs honoring the Jewish values of Chesed (loving kindness), Kavod (respect/honor), and Kahillah (community).


At Grow with Me ECE, we grow social skills and form engaging relationships. Our program is play based, where we learn through daily experiences and imagination, blended with creative curriculum that supports the California Learning Foundations.  Our preschool and childcare center has a touch of Montessori in the environment, as well as in our teaching style.  Preschool has mixed ages from 2- to 4/5-year-old children where each child learns on their level and pace. We have freedom of choice, teach independence, responsibility, and kindness. 


Grow with Me ECE, supports and facilitates: 

  • cause and effect

  • natural consequences

  • trial and error

  • problem solving

  • creative expression

  • exploration

  • social skills

  • life skills

  • independence 

We have an engaging outdoor and indoor space, that facilitates art, sensory, circle time, literature, music, movement, sports, song, dance, stories, science, cooking, math, fine motor strengthening for successful writing, sorting, shapes, sizes, quantities, letters, numbers, calendar, pretend play, and much more with individual and group activities.  Material and activities are age appropriate and can be adjusted as needed for the individual child.  


We Love Circle Time!

Working Together!


Circle Time includes: songs, books, letters, numbers, puppets, musical instruments, finger play songs, colors shapes, calendar, questions, movement, and more.

Whether we are doing science projects, baking, art, table time, group activities, or free play, we work together and teach kindness.

We read all day! Whether its inside, outside, individually, or at circle time. We model language, extend the child's thought process, and constantly expose children to language!  We are big on narrating play and interactions. 

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